• Ekran Alıntısı



    Desired #hashtag is determined.

    A randomly changing slogan can be written so that the machine gives products only those who are present in front of the machine. After the code of the desired product is entered, it’s up to you how to fill the 140 char limit.

    It only works with #hashtag

    Randomly changing slogans on the screen, which lets the machine give products only those who are present in front of the machine, are also shared via #hashtag. You can choose these slogans as you wish. Instead of a slogan, you can require answers to simple questions.

    The product is delivered max. 30 seconds after sending the tweet or sharing the photo. Username of the winner who gets the product is saved. That way, a user who already got a product doesn’t get another one, if you choose so. Thus, any abuse or misuse can be prevented.

    Previously shared ones appear randomly on the screen in this #hashtag. This way, shares regarding the brand are always in sight via the display of the machine.


    Loads of valuable data is acquired while users live a unique and unprecedented experience during your event.

    All winners’ @username, tweet and count of followers is recorded.

    So, you get the number of people who you reach in roundabout via the count of followers as well as the direct info of your users.

    The automata of cutting-edge technology has both shelves and spiral racks.

    That way, it can provide a wide range of product types.

    Yet, its most outstanding feature’s to give the product without dropping.

    This is done by a special robot. Taking the product off the shelf and putting it gently on the tray, the robot lets even the most fragile products to be used as a present.