• It’s the presentation system developed by Etüd for you depending on the growing demand for use of tablets. Allowing you to manage your presentations in a breeze and reach to your speaker notes from tablet computers; it’s a perfect application.

    Speaker can manage her/his presentation more easily and can be free from the stand. Easy Touch Slider Standard Presenter, substituting the mouse, allows the speaker to manage the presentation the way she/he wants.

    With this new management system developed by Etüd you can make more impressive and stunning presentations using iPads.  Use your tablet either as a monitor to follow the presentations or as a touch-operated control unit.

    -Instant exchange of the contents of two screens.

    -You can show the portions of screens where you want to underline thanks to the Finger Pointer feature.

    -Our program feeds also the video-loop up to the tablet screen.

    -Provide a unique presentation experience to your audience by enlarging or shrinking your focused area using the beloved pinch-to-zoom in/out feature of tablets.

    -Go beyond the ordinary at your events and differentiate your service…

    -Catch the modern technology with up-to-date techniques and management processes…

    -Prevent the speaker’s being bound up to one screen during the presentation.