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    It’s a fast and convenient solution to track the participants’ movements and tendencies at the

    event by creating uniquebarcodes for each participant whether registered onsite or pre-event.

    Every and each registered participant’s given a unique ID

    badge in this system used at events which require fast

    And precise access to information. Barcode on badges is

    read by a special barcode reader. Contact list can be

    retrieved from RSVPs obtained from you as well as

    collecting the on-site registrations. Barcode system offers a

    fast and error-proof registration. Systems using this

    technique are called also as data collection systems. All

    movements of the participants can be tracked using

    barcodes. Many communication means are used in these systems as barcode readers, barcode printers and portable data terminals.

    – Actions of participants can be reported very fast.

    – Attention and tendencies for the stand can be interpreted using the readers on the stand.

    – Authorized entrance and exit informations can be created assigning necessary parameters online or offline.

    – It’s a system which is used frequently and has proven validity in its own field.

    – Participant information can be mirrored to front-screens at the desks if it’s set up that way.