• There is no doubt that the most effective method you can use to promote or announce your organizations is internet. You can promote the events better to your target audiences with a well-crafted and good-designed webpage. In this rapidly evolving information technology, however, new systems are required to be developed depending on the continuous improvement of access tools. These systems need to support today’s communication conditions.

    It is well-known that users are using the mobile communication means more intense in order to

    reach daily work-flows and access to information  while mobile communication tools access smarter technologies.

    The conformity to the mobile platform of your promotion pages which you will prepare for your events is an essential part of access to information and easier and faster access to content. We are developing iOS and Android applications for you in order to meet these needs.

    We are developing mobile applications for events, such as

    –          Event survey systems

    –          Electronic exam systems,

    –          Event agenda management,

    –          Meeting agenda management,

    –          Social event briefings and much more.