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    It’s an innovative solution developed exclusively for event registration systems.

    A unique entry code is delivered to the mobile phone of participant via SMS before the event (combining with online registration systems) or at the time of registration in the field.

    It’s the perfect solution which will let you minimize the costs of invitation, ticket or entry pass for many types of events as fairs, seminars, conventions, festivals, concerts and much more. Guests / participants can enter the event with ease by showing the SMS code arrived to their mobile phones to the readers at the entrance.

    Use it as a pre-registration mean or as the primary access code / invitation throughout the event. Participants can get their badges from quick registration kiosks installed in the field by showing their SMS codes all by themselves without wasting time, thanks to the EasyCode solution. It’s quite expandable and scalable allowing to integrate with a wide variety of interfaces as Barcode, QRCode or RFID.

    Also, you can offer different experiences to your participants as gathering points, discount coupons or credits using the unique SMS code.

    Research shows that the readability of barcodes or QR codes sent to the mobile phones of users are in the range of 40% and 60%.
    Therefore, we’ve developed a unique and out-of-the-box solution which can be used all mobile phones without a glitch whether it be a smartphone or a feature phone.