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    You can connect to the meeting and watch the broadcast in real time with this system through which trainings, conventions, seminars and meetings published on the cloud privately and securely. Broadcasts can be attended through every platform like laptops, tablets or smartphones as long as it’s connected to Internet. You can publish your seminars and conferences simultaneously to a much wider audience using EasyCast.

    If you wish, you can send messages and/or questions to the speaker creating a chat panel. With this feature, the speaker can respond to the questions of participants on-air or promote the conversation with visual presentations and other documents. You can save on costs of travel, transportation and seminar arrangements thanks to EasyCast. You can publish the contents of presentation in addition to the video of speaker simultaneously. You can carry out your presentation using any computer, no more fixed hardware costs.

    You can participate to the meeting easily and quickly without

    The requirements of installing a dedicated software or


    It’s a unique system where the speaker’s video, audio and

    contents of presentation are recorded simultaneously at the

    events as trainings, presentations and conferences.

    The views from all of available sources are being recorded

    simultaneously through this system.

    After the event, the master record can be Obtained very