• We remove from the use of the classic Guest Book. 

    EASYbook is an innovative solution that you can use it on weddings, birthdays, meetings, private parties, fairs, and can also be used to share special moments or to collect feedback related to your brand. 

    The digital guestbook we have developed is a new generation solution that you can archive images, video messages, signatures,  and handwritten messages from your guests.

    Hereafter the event has ended, you can store all the comments, feedback and messages left to you during the event, and you can use them later. 

    In this guest book, you can gather unforgettable moments from the event and share it with your guests through a CD or USB stick.

    You can mark the front, back, and pages of the book as desired with your brand.

    By using brand, you can create an application with specific products and signs, tailored to your needs. 

    With EasyBook, you can create a lot of memories that will consist of photos, videos and signatures of your visitors.