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    Even if we wished to communicate through the image on the screen since our childhood, technology haven’t been able to catch up with our dreams. That is, until today, of course. Augmented Reality, as a bridge between the digital and real life, is a technology enabling an enriched media environment through adding such objects as 3D models, animations, movie or audio clips on any image in real-time.
 Via Augmented Reality, any item to interact can be introduced to the real world through different platforms such as smartphones, web-cams or projection screens. The generated image is displayed as if it’s a part of physical world and the message to deliver is presented in a rather exciting way.
 Augmented Reality applications, been used in particular by Museology, Malls, Tourism and Organization sectors, attract heavy attention by other sectors, too, thanks to its high marketing efficiency.

    If you, too, need an Augmented Reality application to make the promotion of your products or services more catchy and know better that success comes by working with the best, then the passionate team of Etud, definitely, has an extraordinary project for you.