Corporate Rental
  • Corporate Leasing

    Etüd provides support and leasing services for hardware of IT Technology to the clients with zero initial cost via its long term corporate leasing system model.
    All products you’ve leased will have hardware features by which you can do business within today’s technological conditions. Failure and warranty tracking of all the products you have leased within the scope of contract are going to be processed by us.

    Also, a very cost-effective and flexible structure is provided by pay-as-you-go system and zero initial cost thanks to the Microsoft’s License Leasing System.



    Each product is leased monthly and paid only for the usage period. You can specify your licensing costs in accordance with your needs depending on your workload. SPLA is a model which adapts to you, takes shape according to your business.

    Indefinite Update Warranty

    You can use all the up-to-date products of the Microsoft Product Group with no additional costs as long as you make an SPLA license leasing. It gives the opportunity of using the up-to-date versions without incurring an additional cost.

    Suspend Anytime

    In SPLA license leasing model, you can terminate the licensing service whenever you want.

    Record Your License as Expense

    SPLA License is a license leasing bill, charged monthly. Licenses are offered to you within a service. Thus, financial benefit can be taken as recording the licensing costs as expense.

    Includes All of Microsoft Products

    All the products of Microsoft Software Family exist in the SPLA licensing model. From servers to CRM and desktop operating systems, it is a leasable model.

    SPLA is a revolutionary new licensing model which provides great advantages not even comparable to the other licensing methods.



    Etud provides to its customers support and leasing service of IT products with zero initial cost via its long-term corporate leasing system model.

    All the products, you’ve leased, will be compliant with technology standards of the day and will have hardware features enough to cover your needs in terms of capacity.

    Failure and warranty tracking of all the products you have leased within the scope of contract are going to be processed by us.

    You won’t waste time and employ staff for that.

    In case of a failure of any device, you have leased within the scope of contract, you’re going to be given a temporary device; thus, you’ll continue to work without being affected by the service process.

    You can take the tax advantage by the monthly leasing bills without the need of struggling with the accounting processes like inventory, depreciation or assets.


    Including the IT Operational and Operator expenses into a predictable structure

    Reducing the data handling costs

    Carrying the service quality to the highest level

    Establishing a structure which has flexibility to be expanded and is ready for the future


    No need to purchase the products in cash thanks to the long-term leasing support package

    Fixed costs by the monthly regular payments

    Tax advantage

    Reduced costs in class of maintenance, repair and technical service.

    No need for the process of inventory reaching out the depreciation value.

    Elimination of time loss for repair in case of failures